Minion War

Journal Entry: Beacons of light and dark.

Descending upon the once homes of men… I met one of my ancient enemies again: Minotaurs. These followers of the old ones felt my blade, and those of my colleagues. Their deaths gladdened my ancestors souls!
Filled with bloodlust for my sworn enemies, we entered the temple and began killing the evil cultists. We gave no quarter and the battle seemed won… When It appeared.

I saw its aura first; a dark kind of evil that dwarfs the kind you would find in men. The worst of the mortal races are driven by greed, fear or even a sick kind of enjoyment. But this thing… It just emanated a sense of destruction for all around it. It’s body was all leg, claw and teeth!

It’s carapace was hard and it was fast. I spent much of my strength fortifying my allies against its attacks. Then He fully entered the fray.

This bearded man we had come upon earlier was a mighty warrior. But seeing him face this evil demon brought out of him a shining light of hope, freedom and justice; the likes of which I’ve never seen. His aura’s shine was, at times, almost blinding in it’s purity.

I believe all mortals that follow the gods are fools. Therefor it is rare that I might hold any respect for holy men… But today I must begrudgingly admit my admiration and respect for this hammer wielding hero. I hope we meet him again some day… He would be an invaluable ally against the coming evil I see in my dreams…



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