Minion War

Lai’Oreal’s Diary - Day 1

Just as I was beginning to think that I’ve made a terrible mistake, I finally made it to the land of the Western Empire. Maybe running away from home wasn’t the smartest idea, but I need to live and and be free. Why can’t my parents understand that?

Oh, what a relief it is to be here! I’m really happy that I made it! I really want to celebrate but I need to be smart. Today was hard work and I probably have a lot more of this for the time being. I need to get myself situated here. I’m not even sure that I have a place to sleep tonight.

I must say this empire is in a little worse shape than I expected. Now that I am here, I’ve heard rumors amongst people that a lot has happened to this land in the last 20 years, and most of it being the unfortunate product of greed and corruption in the governance.

A local told me that the government hasn’t been treating their people well, and now they’ve lost their lives as penalty. There’s a wealthy family looking to rebuild the infrastructure and they’re interested to see if anyone steps up. I find that to be interesting, but I don’t know that I should be concerned with such things.

I visited the home of the standing governance, and I met some other travelers today. I’m not sure what to think of them, but they seem like nice enough people. We were charged with killing ratlings in the sewer. Apparently, “they’re being disruptive to citizens on the surface and they need to be sent a message,” or at least that’s what the job description says.

I killed one of them with my Fireball magic. I’m not sure if my parents would be proud or not, but my life was in danger! One of the ratlings jumped out at me. I was so scared! He paid the price, though. That ratling received a lancing in his side from a party member of mine.

They’re all a little quiet except this Dog Paladin character. He barks a bit, but hey, he’s a Paladin, so I know I can trust him.

The others… I’m not so sure. The one who saved me from the ratling seems a little blood thirsty… Maybe he’s maniacal. Maybe I’m just over reacting. After all, I killed one, too. It’s just that, he seemed to be enjoying it, so I’m going to have to watch out there.

OH BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY I MADE 16 GOLD PIECES PLAYING IN TOWN! That’s not a bad start, I don’t think! So what if a piece of gold came from my part member. I sounded good. If I keep practicing singing and playing maybe one day I can be famous.

I’m going to keep this diary as a log of my adventures while away from home. Hopefully it will help me keep things in perspective. Well, that’s all for now. Goodbye home, it’s an adventurer’s life for me!



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