Minion War

Lai’Oreal’s Diary - Day 2

I swear to the Old Gods that if I see any more sewers I am going to scream!

I didn’t want to do this, but I didn’t have much of a choice. We met a new person today and I don’t really like him.

For one, he wears the mark of an assassin. That alone makes me wonder and caution to think of what kind of person he could be. We don’t need another one so quick to cold-blooded murderer, I would say. He’ll have to do some convincing for me. We have enough tough guys. Why do we need another? Oh whatever, it’s an adventure. Deal with it, Lai, you’ll be fine.

Another job on the board today… a murder… eeewwww.

It was a dwarf, too. I hope no one thinks that I did it. I doubt they would. I wasn’t even in that part of the sewers the other day. This was an older much more disgusting part of the sewers. We found these really ugly umm, devil diggers, I think someone called them. Their claws are really big and they can dig very well. I watched it disappear into the ground right in front of me. This adventure is already getting intense.

So we found the poor dwarf’s body and we found humans. Figures, these guys looked like creeps. We tried to capture them. I tried that, at least. Some of my party members killed them, save one. I think it’s the only thing they’re good at.

More savagery and bloodlust from that crazy guy. I forgot to mention last week, he wanted to keep the ratling ears and wear them. Yuck! Thankfully we have that Paladin. Roltulduss, he told me his name was… He used a really impressive technique to gain information from our captive.

I watched our canine party member give the creep this look and suddenly the creep just broke and started admitting everything. It seems this dwarf was killed by a member of an assassin’s guild (and we have one with us). That sounds scary. Hopefully they’re not that prominent. But no matter what, the perpetrators of this act of murder must be brought to the authorities for the dispensation of proper justice.

We’ve cleared out some of the sewer hideout that they seem to be operating from. We’ll camp here for a couple hours then maybe make our move. My party members are big strong tough guys, so I’ll wait till they’re ready and hopefully this will all work out. Until then, I’ll make them food and try to make sure they’re all feeling all right.



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