Minion War

Lai’Oreal’s Diary - Day 3

We wrapped up that murder case, happily. I’m still a little in awe of that Paladin’s ability. It’s proof enough to me that the evidence is good and that when we turned those two creeps over to the authorities that the case was closed. I can be at peace with that. It’s good that we got credit for closing the case. Hopefully we look like good people to the citizenry. I hope to make a couple more friends than just the 5 guys I seem to be getting attached to. Ok, enough with the depressing stuff…

I had no idea that the shops in the Western Empire were so good! The bread ended up being delicious. It hit the spot in that sewer. Maybe I was just that hungry, but I’ll have to try some other things from those shops. As it stands now I’m impressed.
When this is over I am going to have to figure out what to do for some semi-permanent lodging and then start making food for myself. I miss homemade Elven cooking. My parents made such good food back home and now only now do I realize it so clearly. This makes me miss home a little.

If I’m going to have another home I’m going to have to get my expenses in order and make some tough decisions. I’ve made some decent money already, too. I was able to steal some money from our last job. So much has gone on already. It’s tough to keep my thoughts straight. I slept a bit in the sewer, which wasn’t easy. I’m really kind of tired still. My party members pulled shifts staying up during our camp and I could barely get comfortable in my bedroll on the stone. I could use some sleep. I’ve had so many feelings and thoughts lately that it’s all so much to process.

Oh, I can’t sleep yet. I just remembered what happened today! I learned a new spell! It’s such a weird feeling every time it happens. What a rush! I may never get used to it. I can turn myself invisible now! I’ve tried so hard to learn this spell for so long and it finally clicked. It’s such a good feeling to actually feel growth from your own accomplishments. I hope I can sustain this. I see my party members doing impressive things all the time. I’m not really a fighter but I’m going to look for ways that I can be really important to this group.

I haven’t really told my party members about all of my spell knowledge, yet. They know I can create a fireball, that I can befuddle others, and can cause people to fall asleep. Perhaps I should be mindful exactly how much I share with them. I can tell that some of them are genuinely good, though. I guess we’ll see.

We picked up two jobs today. That’s so cool. Normally we only pick one. They’re both jobs tasking us to collect berries and plants. That’s right up my alley. I’m pretty good at that skill. I’ve been practicing my singing and I’ve been playing my harp. If I get good enough maybe soon I can get a job performing somewhere. I could get that place to live and I’d really be on my own! That’s my dream. Maybe I really am closer than I think. I haven’t really seen any cute looking guys around here, though. That could be a problem. None of my party members really seem to be my type, either. Oh well, one thing at a time, Lai.

First things first, tomorrow, we’re going to collect some berries and foliage.



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