Minion War

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Journal Entry: Beacons of light and dark.

Descending upon the once homes of men… I met one of my ancient enemies again: Minotaurs. These followers of the old ones felt my blade, and those of my colleagues. Their deaths gladdened my ancestors souls!
Filled with bloodlust for my sworn enemies, we entered the temple and began killing the evil cultists. We gave no quarter and the battle seemed won… When It appeared.

I saw its aura first; a dark kind of evil that dwarfs the kind you would find in men. The worst of the mortal races are driven by greed, fear or even a sick kind of enjoyment. But this thing… It just emanated a sense of destruction for all around it. It’s body was all leg, claw and teeth!

It’s carapace was hard and it was fast. I spent much of my strength fortifying my allies against its attacks. Then He fully entered the fray.

This bearded man we had come upon earlier was a mighty warrior. But seeing him face this evil demon brought out of him a shining light of hope, freedom and justice; the likes of which I’ve never seen. His aura’s shine was, at times, almost blinding in it’s purity.

I believe all mortals that follow the gods are fools. Therefor it is rare that I might hold any respect for holy men… But today I must begrudgingly admit my admiration and respect for this hammer wielding hero. I hope we meet him again some day… He would be an invaluable ally against the coming evil I see in my dreams…

Lai’Oreal’s Diary - Day 3

We wrapped up that murder case, happily. I’m still a little in awe of that Paladin’s ability. It’s proof enough to me that the evidence is good and that when we turned those two creeps over to the authorities that the case was closed. I can be at peace with that. It’s good that we got credit for closing the case. Hopefully we look like good people to the citizenry. I hope to make a couple more friends than just the 5 guys I seem to be getting attached to. Ok, enough with the depressing stuff…

I had no idea that the shops in the Western Empire were so good! The bread ended up being delicious. It hit the spot in that sewer. Maybe I was just that hungry, but I’ll have to try some other things from those shops. As it stands now I’m impressed.
When this is over I am going to have to figure out what to do for some semi-permanent lodging and then start making food for myself. I miss homemade Elven cooking. My parents made such good food back home and now only now do I realize it so clearly. This makes me miss home a little.

If I’m going to have another home I’m going to have to get my expenses in order and make some tough decisions. I’ve made some decent money already, too. I was able to steal some money from our last job. So much has gone on already. It’s tough to keep my thoughts straight. I slept a bit in the sewer, which wasn’t easy. I’m really kind of tired still. My party members pulled shifts staying up during our camp and I could barely get comfortable in my bedroll on the stone. I could use some sleep. I’ve had so many feelings and thoughts lately that it’s all so much to process.

Oh, I can’t sleep yet. I just remembered what happened today! I learned a new spell! It’s such a weird feeling every time it happens. What a rush! I may never get used to it. I can turn myself invisible now! I’ve tried so hard to learn this spell for so long and it finally clicked. It’s such a good feeling to actually feel growth from your own accomplishments. I hope I can sustain this. I see my party members doing impressive things all the time. I’m not really a fighter but I’m going to look for ways that I can be really important to this group.

I haven’t really told my party members about all of my spell knowledge, yet. They know I can create a fireball, that I can befuddle others, and can cause people to fall asleep. Perhaps I should be mindful exactly how much I share with them. I can tell that some of them are genuinely good, though. I guess we’ll see.

We picked up two jobs today. That’s so cool. Normally we only pick one. They’re both jobs tasking us to collect berries and plants. That’s right up my alley. I’m pretty good at that skill. I’ve been practicing my singing and I’ve been playing my harp. If I get good enough maybe soon I can get a job performing somewhere. I could get that place to live and I’d really be on my own! That’s my dream. Maybe I really am closer than I think. I haven’t really seen any cute looking guys around here, though. That could be a problem. None of my party members really seem to be my type, either. Oh well, one thing at a time, Lai.

First things first, tomorrow, we’re going to collect some berries and foliage.

Lai’Oreal’s Diary - Day 2

I swear to the Old Gods that if I see any more sewers I am going to scream!

I didn’t want to do this, but I didn’t have much of a choice. We met a new person today and I don’t really like him.

For one, he wears the mark of an assassin. That alone makes me wonder and caution to think of what kind of person he could be. We don’t need another one so quick to cold-blooded murderer, I would say. He’ll have to do some convincing for me. We have enough tough guys. Why do we need another? Oh whatever, it’s an adventure. Deal with it, Lai, you’ll be fine.

Another job on the board today… a murder… eeewwww.

It was a dwarf, too. I hope no one thinks that I did it. I doubt they would. I wasn’t even in that part of the sewers the other day. This was an older much more disgusting part of the sewers. We found these really ugly umm, devil diggers, I think someone called them. Their claws are really big and they can dig very well. I watched it disappear into the ground right in front of me. This adventure is already getting intense.

So we found the poor dwarf’s body and we found humans. Figures, these guys looked like creeps. We tried to capture them. I tried that, at least. Some of my party members killed them, save one. I think it’s the only thing they’re good at.

More savagery and bloodlust from that crazy guy. I forgot to mention last week, he wanted to keep the ratling ears and wear them. Yuck! Thankfully we have that Paladin. Roltulduss, he told me his name was… He used a really impressive technique to gain information from our captive.

I watched our canine party member give the creep this look and suddenly the creep just broke and started admitting everything. It seems this dwarf was killed by a member of an assassin’s guild (and we have one with us). That sounds scary. Hopefully they’re not that prominent. But no matter what, the perpetrators of this act of murder must be brought to the authorities for the dispensation of proper justice.

We’ve cleared out some of the sewer hideout that they seem to be operating from. We’ll camp here for a couple hours then maybe make our move. My party members are big strong tough guys, so I’ll wait till they’re ready and hopefully this will all work out. Until then, I’ll make them food and try to make sure they’re all feeling all right.

Lai’Oreal’s Diary - Day 1

Just as I was beginning to think that I’ve made a terrible mistake, I finally made it to the land of the Western Empire. Maybe running away from home wasn’t the smartest idea, but I need to live and and be free. Why can’t my parents understand that?

Oh, what a relief it is to be here! I’m really happy that I made it! I really want to celebrate but I need to be smart. Today was hard work and I probably have a lot more of this for the time being. I need to get myself situated here. I’m not even sure that I have a place to sleep tonight.

I must say this empire is in a little worse shape than I expected. Now that I am here, I’ve heard rumors amongst people that a lot has happened to this land in the last 20 years, and most of it being the unfortunate product of greed and corruption in the governance.

A local told me that the government hasn’t been treating their people well, and now they’ve lost their lives as penalty. There’s a wealthy family looking to rebuild the infrastructure and they’re interested to see if anyone steps up. I find that to be interesting, but I don’t know that I should be concerned with such things.

I visited the home of the standing governance, and I met some other travelers today. I’m not sure what to think of them, but they seem like nice enough people. We were charged with killing ratlings in the sewer. Apparently, “they’re being disruptive to citizens on the surface and they need to be sent a message,” or at least that’s what the job description says.

I killed one of them with my Fireball magic. I’m not sure if my parents would be proud or not, but my life was in danger! One of the ratlings jumped out at me. I was so scared! He paid the price, though. That ratling received a lancing in his side from a party member of mine.

They’re all a little quiet except this Dog Paladin character. He barks a bit, but hey, he’s a Paladin, so I know I can trust him.

The others… I’m not so sure. The one who saved me from the ratling seems a little blood thirsty… Maybe he’s maniacal. Maybe I’m just over reacting. After all, I killed one, too. It’s just that, he seemed to be enjoying it, so I’m going to have to watch out there.

OH BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY I MADE 16 GOLD PIECES PLAYING IN TOWN! That’s not a bad start, I don’t think! So what if a piece of gold came from my part member. I sounded good. If I keep practicing singing and playing maybe one day I can be famous.

I’m going to keep this diary as a log of my adventures while away from home. Hopefully it will help me keep things in perspective. Well, that’s all for now. Goodbye home, it’s an adventurer’s life for me!


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