E-Clip Recharge Info

Cost of standard Mini-E-Clip: Typically used for tools and derringers (especially by Wilk’s). 2000 credits for a new, fully charged mini-clip. Takes about 1D4+4 minutes to recharge.
Cost of standard E-Clip (20 shots): 5,000-7,000 credits for a new, fully charged clip; 1500 credits to recharge. Takes about 1D6+10 minutes to recharge .

* Cost of a Long E-Clip (30 shots):* 9,000-12,000 credits for a new, fully charged clip; 2000 credits to recharge. Takes about 2D4+15 minutes to recharge.

* Cost of a CS Weapon Canister (or E-Canister):* 10-30 shots depending on weapon type. Typically suitable only for old style CS weapons and knock-offs: 10,000 to 15,000 credits; 2000 credits to recharge. Takes about 3D6+30 minutes to recharge.

* Cost of a CS Mini-Power Pack:* A CS hip or backpack canister (new CS weapons): Approximately 60 shots, but is likely to require modification of the weapon in order to use it, at a cost of 5,000 cr. The canister costs 20,000-30,000 credits and 4,000 to recharge. Takes about  3D6+60 minutes to recharge.

* Northern Gun (NG) Self-Charging Power Packs.* These items are relatively small battery packs that can be worn on the hip or back depending on the size. A cable runs from the pack to what looks like a standard E-Clip. The E-Clip end snaps into the weapon like a normal clip, but provides additional power from the pack. Designed to power heavy ion, plasma and particle beam weapons that require a lot of energy. Pay load: Typically provides six or seven times the capacity of a standard E-Clip before being drained. ALL NG power packs regenerate four energy blasts per hour until fully recharged. Each can regenerate a full payload six times before needing a factory recharge and overhaul (won’t work without it). The recharging and overhauling of the unit takes one day and costs one-third the original price and can be ¬†overhauled four times before a replacement is needed. Cost by Class: Class One Power Pack (Pistols and Light Rifles): 3 lbs. (1.35 kg) and costs 60,000 credits. Class Two (Rifles & Medium Weapons): 12 lbs. (5.4 kg) and costs 70,000, and Class Three (Heavy Weapons/Plasma & Particle Beam guns): 20 lbs. (9 kg) and costs 80,000 credits. Note: These are the list prices, but is currently being sold for 50-100% more. Poor availability due to high demand and CS ¬†pressure to keep production low.

E-Clip Recharge Info

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