Cult Of Inglip

The Cult of Inglip


This cult worships a demon known as Inglip whom hails from the Heroic Realm of Trathira. Not much is known about Inglip’s history besides some information gleaned from his followers. He seems to not be associated with either Hades or Dyval and has no stake in the Minion War.

Inglip’s followers are known as Gropaga. They tend to be the downtrodden or outcasts from society. The Gropaga can be any matter of age, race or sex which makes the cult dangerous. Recently the cult has worked to place members into high ranking positions throughout the Palladium World in an attempt to subjugate it’s people. The main leaders of the Inglip faith wield one of the “Seven Falchions” forged by Inglip. These swords appear to be normal weaponry but are empowred when used by a Gropaga. Most of these warrior priests were once magic users who were given extra power by Inglip himself.

Cult Of Inglip

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