House Rules

Choking Rules - Simply, the attack involves grabbing someone by the throat. Normal Strike and Damage bonuses apply. Both hands must be used, and the attacker can do no defensive moves, including Parries,Dodges,or Rolls, during a choke. In other words,the attacker just stands there and ignores all other attacks. Critical or Knock-Out/Stun attacks from the rear can also be done to someone doing a choke. Once a choke is made (just like an ordinary roll to strike), the attacker can continue applying it as long as he likes, doing 1D6 damage directly to hit points. The victim of a choke attack cannot reduce damage by using Roll with Punch/Fall/Impact. The victim can continue to attack with punches (no kick attacks are possible) or try to break free of the hold. There are two ways to get out of a choke. The first is by using brute strength. Everyone involved, the victim, any helpful friends, and the attacker, all roll a twenty-sided die and add that roll to their P.S. attribute (this is a combat rule, not a P.S.bonus). Highest P.S.wins. If the attacker wins, then the choke continues. If the victim or his friend wins, then the choke is released/forced away. The other way out is to use a Joint Lock maneuver to force the attacker to let go. Or to knock-out/stun or kill the person doing the choke.

Non-Lethal Damage - A character may elect to do non-lethal damage with their attacks in an attempt to incapacitate a target. For this to work the target cannot be wearing armor. The character rolls to attack at -5, if the attack hits the character does damage but not to the targets normal H.P./S.D.C. Once the target take the equivalent of half their combined H.P./S.D.C. they fall unconscious.

Learning New Skills – Characters will be given a chance to apprentice with local people to learn new skills. Skills will begin at a percentage equal to the character’s IQ plus any O.C.C. related bonuses to that skill category. During practice sessions the character can roll to preform the skill. Any roll under the percentage (a pass) will increase the skill by 1%. Any failed rolls raise the skill by .5%. Once the skill reaches the starting percentage listed in the book the character learns the skill outright and can use it normally. Non percentage based skills may only be picked as O.C.C. Related and Secondary Skills.

X.P. To Level - Once a character reached level 5 they will only need 8,000 xp to gain new levels. Once characters get close to level 15 alternate progression bonuses will be introduced later.

Keen Hearing - +1 to dodge. Keen hearing also means that the character suffers half the usual penalties when blinded (can dodge, attack, etc., by listening to sounds)

Modify Death Strike spell - Spell has a savings throw associated with it (-1 to save) If the defender save vs magic normal damage is done.

Gathering Rules - As the characters skill raises it will increase the number of dice rolled to see how much is gathered. Low rolls 1-10 will get an extra die (3D6). The first adventure used 2 six sided die. Failed rolls gather half the normal amount.

Expanded Telepathy-
Psychic Communication – Allows the telepath to mentally link people for mental communication. The user can link 2 people (1 person per level). The range is 200 f.t. (100 f.t. per level). 5 ISP every 5 minutes.
Lie Detector – the character can use their power to read the targets surface thoughts to see if they are telling the truth. Savings throw is normal.

Priest Healing Touch-
Heals 2D4 H.P./S.D.C. at level one, increases by 1D4 every 3 levels.

W.P. Archery-
Characters with this W.P. are able to fire multiple arrows at one target as they gain experience when using a longbow. They can fire 1 arrow for every 5 levels of experience (5, 10,15). This attack uses half their normal strike bonus but a successful attack does damage for all arrows fired. Giant sized and larger targets do not suffer this penalty.

Leap Distance-
All character who have either Acrobatics or Gymnastics are able to leap four feet high and four feet long. Add an additional 1 foot for each level. Cloth and leather armor wearers can leap normal distance. Heavy armor wearers can leap at half the normal distance. A running start can add 50% to the leap distance, not height.

Robot P.S. Damage Table (S.D.C.)-
P.S. of 16 to 20 -

Restrained Punch – 1D4
Normal Punch – 1D6
Power Punch – 2D6, counts as 2 attacks
P.S. of 21 to 25 -
Restrained Punch – 1D6
Normal Punch – 2D6
Power Punch – 4D6, counts as 2 attacks
P.S. of 26 to 30 -
Restrained Punch – 2D4
Normal Punch – 3D6
Power Punch – 6D6, counts as 2 attacks
P.S. of 31 to 35 -
Restrained Punch – 2D6
Normal Punch – 4D6
Power Punch – 1D4x10, counts as 2 attacks
P.S. of 36 to 40 -
Restrained Punch – 3D4
Normal Punch – 5D6
Power Punch – 1D6x10, counts as 2 attacks
P.S. of 41 to 50 -
Restrained Punch – 3D6
Normal Punch – 6D6
Power Punch – 2D4x10, counts as 2 attacks
P.S. of 51 to 60 -
Restrained Punch – 4D6
Normal Punch – 1D6x10
Power Punch – 2D6x10, counts as 2 attacks

House Rules

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