Pieces Recovered So Far-

Blade - The blade is indestructible and can still be used (provided that a blacksmith can be found to build a replacement crosspiece). On its own, it still does 2D6+2 damage, and is effective against undead and the supernatural. It can be joined with either the pommel or the crosspiece. Charges up to 150 P.P.E.

Right Gem - Another emerald, of the same size as the one on the left, but faceted, and containing a very small rune. Charges up to 40 P.P.E.

Crosspiece - On its own, it seems to be just a dull piece of gold-colored metal. Anyone who knows about swords will recognize that the open hole is meant to fit the blade of a large sword. The crosspiece can be joined with either the centerpiece, the left gem, or the right gem, in any order. Charges up to 10 P.P.E.

Centerpiece Gem - Another diamond, but not quite as big, also faceted, and also with a (smaller) rune floating inside. Charges up to 75 P.P.E.

Left Gem - An emerald, with a smooth, rounded surface, that seems to contain two runes, one overlaid on top of the other. Charges up to 50 P.P.E.

Pommel Gem - A huge faceted diamond, with an ancient rune clearly glittering inside. It can be charged with up to 100 P.P.E.


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