G.M. Rewards

Blade of Reprisal- This weapon is a one handed sword (pick type) that does 1D6 higher damage than other swords of its type. It magically will counter attack when used to parry with a roll of 17 or higher. The defender will take no damage from the attacker and full damage (minus any resistances) will be done to the attacker.

Defenders Bulwark - A kite shield that grants a +3 to parry attacks, but a -4 to strike with the other hand. When plunged into the ground a protective barrier forms around the wielder up to 10 feet around. The barrier has 250 S.D.C. and can be used 3x a day.

Belt of Superhuman P.S. - Grants the wearer superhuman P.S. This will increase the damage done by the user and increases the weight one can lift/carry.

Belt of Superhuman P.E. - Grants the wearer superhuman P.E. The character can now hold their breath for their P.E. x2 in minutes and can physically exert themselves without getting tired. They also heal at double their normal rate.

Armor Repair Kit - A piece of armor material that can be placed over large holes in the main body of a suit of armor. This will repair 50% of the standard S.D.C. of the item used.

Boots of Speed - doubles wearers Spd attribute for PE in minutes, can be done 3x daily.

Circlet of Communication - Wearer must be telepathic. This allows the wearer to telepathically communicate with all team members with a 4000 ft area.

Regenerative Armor - Armor that heals itself at better rates than in the book.

Bracers of Ithan - Can create a 75 SDC suit of armor around the wearer 2x daily. When a standard Armor of Ithan spell is cast upon the user the spell duration becomes permanent and the spell will last until the SDC is depleted.

Totem Of Death God - For 10 P.P.E. the Necromancer will gain a random effect as if they grafted an item to their body.

Amulet Of The Elements - This amulet is attuned to the 4 elements that make up the planet. It can be used by Warlocks to empower the spells of one of the elements they are attuned to. This increases range, damage and duration of all spells in that element by 50%.

Elemental Stones - These stones can be affixed to weapons to add additional elemental damage to attacks.

Shadowstep Boots - User can teleport a short distance (5-10 feet) behind a target to allow a critical strike from behind. Attacker rolls for strike as normal. Can be used 5 times in a 24 hour period.

Assassin Blade - knife that has a storage space for various blood poisons, sharpened to be able to bypass armor to deliver payload.

Bands of the Familiar - A set of rings worn by a player and an animal companion. This allows two way mental communication between the wearer and animal. Commands are limited to the intelligence of the animal. Range of 10 miles.

Crossbow Of Chaos-
Damage 1D100
Water To Wine, same as spell five times a day

Ring of Perception - +10% to perception based skills, and +5 on Perception rolls.

Medallion of Leaping - Add 10 ft to leaping distance.

Rune of Chance- Every time the character uses this item roll a D20 to determine the random effect. Can only be used once per battle.
1 – Heals wielder by 3D6 H.P./S.D.C. and heals armor by 6D6 S.D.C.
2 – Restores 4D6 I.S.P. or P.P.E.
3 – Does 3D6 damage to all enemies in a 10 ft radius
4 – +1 to all combat rolls for 1D4 melees
5 – Creates 6D6 gold
6 – Creates Milk and Bread
7 – User turns invisible as per Invisible Lesser spell
8 – Does 1 damage to all enemies in a 10 ft radius
9 – Adds 1D4 attacks per melee
10 – Dispels 1 magical affect in the area
11 – Restores 10 S.D.C. to armor
12 – Heals wielder by 6D6 H.P./S.D.C. and heals armor by 1D4x10 S.D.C.
13 – Adds 10 fire damage to all attacks for 1D4 melees
14 – Does 1D4x10 damage to all enemies in a 10 ft radius
15 – Adds 5 ice damage to all attacks for 1D4 melees
16 – Wielder takes 1D6 damage
17 – No effect
18 – Summon Feral Spirit
19 – Reveals the next attack used against the wielder, grants +4 to parry or dodge
20 – Smite – The wielders next 1D4 attacks are un-dodgable and do double damage

One physical skills (at half your current level, rounding up) even ones that were restricted during class creation.

One WP, same restrictions as your O.C.C. at half your current level, rounding up.

G.M. Rewards

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